By the pound

Lobsters by the pound are just that...lobsters weighed out, priced, and sent on their way! Lobsters by the pound can come either live, or cooked at no additional cost. If you choose to have your lobster steamed, please allow us one hour's notice before you'd like to pick them up. We schedule lobster cooks every half hour. The last available pick-up time for cooked or live lobsters is 7:30 pm, so the last time to place a cooked lobster order would be 6:30 pm.

To place an order for lobster by the pound, please call us at (207)-284-5000, or stop by and see us in person!

Through the kitchen

Lobster dinners through our kitchen are cooked to order and are served with butter, lemon, and two sides. Lobster dinners also come with a "lobster tray" that includes a bib, napkins, wet naps, and, for those who aren't already a pro, instructions on how to eat a lobster. Lobster dinners require about 20 minutes to cook and are available to order right up until our kitchen closes at 7:30 pm!

Order in person, or over the phone at (207)-284-5000